April 25, 2014

Ladyhawk at The Horseshoe

Ladyhawk fans like to party.

They like to have fun.

They like to drink beer.

They like to spray beer on each other.

They are guys with beards.

They are drunk girls who are getting married.

They are drunk girls who don't give a fuck about my pictures.
Ladyhawk like riffs.

They like swampy grooves.

They sound like classic psych rock.

They write big choruses.

They might come out with a new album.

They are from Vancouver.
Vancouver has fried chicken,

and ribs,

and mountains,

and gas bars.

Everything really.

We should go visit.

Vancouver has a place call Chronic Taco?

What's that all about?

In Vancouver?

No shit.
And I need to learn more about bourbon.

"No Can Do"


"Window Pane"

"You Read My Mind"