April 27, 2014

By Divine Right at The Horseshoe

I love music. But I have a shot memory. And I feel conspicuous taking notes in front of a band. What if they think I'm texting or updating my Facebook? How insulting, right? Not a good combination.
So I listened to a bunch of By Divine Right before going to their show opening for Ron Hawkins and the Do Good Assassins at The Horseshoe back on March 13. And I heard their music live. And then I have to write up a post and match up what they played with what I post. I guess this post is a little bit like those songs with lyrics about writers block or finding rhymes.
I had a great time listening to their tunes, and they were fun to photograph. So, now on to the music.

Here's their latest clip. It's for the tune "Mutant Message" from their latest album, last year's Organized Accidents.

And here's a smattering of other BDR songs:

"Past the Stars"

"More Thorns"


"I Love a Girl"

"Cupid in Oilskins"

"Soft Machine"

"Come for a Ride"

It looks like they're opening for July Talk at Lee's on May 2. It would be cool if they were also playing on May 3 when I'm going to be there.