April 24, 2014

Carleton Stone at The Rivoli

Carleton Stone from Cape Breton Island opened up for Emm Gryner at The Rivoli on April 17. He played with passion and energy and was treated to an "attentive" Toronto audience response, as opposed to the usual chatter and treating the performer as background music. He's a very entertaining storyteller and singer-songwriter and his album Draws Blood is out now.

Check out some tunes:

"When You Come Home" A fun song with a cool story about how writing a song for a friend can end up getting that friend laid.

"Signs of Life"

"What I Want" Carleton got very emotional writing the new record, hence "Even my feelings got feelings"

"Love Into the Light"

"Blood is Thicker than Water", a dark song about killing your parents because they grounded you and your sister.