April 24, 2015

New music from Kathryn Calder

I first experienced Kathryn Calder's music when I discovered Immaculate Machine. I love some of their tunes like "Broken Ship", "Invention '77", "Jarhand" and "Dear Confessor". I've experienced her solo on her 2010 album Are You My Mother? and 2011's Bright And Vivid. More recently, I've seen her and photographed her with The New Pornographers.

Kathryn now has another solo album, this one self-titled, that just came out on April 14. Take a listen to a couple of beautiful indie pop tunes:

"Take a Little Time"

"Song In Cm". Kathryn describes it as, "...a quiet song about despite ultimately having to go through life on our own, it’s so much better with the company of the people we love and who love us in return.