September 1, 2015

Husker Du's Flip Your Wig is 30

Thirty years ago this month, Hüsker Dü released Flip Your Wig. It was their fourth album and their first self-produced album. It's remarkable as an album because of the amazing tunes, and it's even more remarkable as their second album of 1985, the first being New Day Rising.

Flip Your Wig shows the band's continuing progression from more hardcore towards more power pop. There are so many great songs on this influential album, many of which make appearances in Bob Mould's solo sets, like the one he played at last year's Riot Fest.

Here are my personal favourites:

"Flip Your Wig"

"Makes No Sense at All"
Their cover of "Love is All Around", the theme song from the Mary Tyler Moore Show, was on the b-side of the "Makes No Sense At All" single.

"Hate Paper Doll"

"Green Eyes"

"Divide and Conquer"


"Private Plane"

Pic from Bob Mould.