September 21, 2015

New song from Elbow's Guy Garvey called Angela's Eyes

Elbow's Guy Garvey has a solo album on the way for an October 30 release. It's going to be called Courting the Squall and here's the first single is "Angela's Eyes". Enjoy Guy's distinctive voice over the tom-heavy drums and lightly funky guitar lines, along with keyboard riffing reminiscent of a James Bond theme. Nice!

Guy had this to say about the making of the album. "elbow graciously gave me some time to write a solo album. I’ve wanted to try for years and I’m really proud of it. ‘Solo’ because I wrote everything but I was far from alone. I invited my favourite players outside of elbow (many of them also my favourite people) and we moved fast, drank a lot and had what can only be described as a massive laugh along the way."