March 4, 2014

Hue bring all their instruments to Tattoo Rock Parlour

On Friday, February 28, I headed down to Tattoo Rock Parlour on Queen West to see The C'mons celebrate the release of their new EP Places. I was also looking forward to checking out the other bands on the bill.
Up just before The C'mons were Hue. It looked like they brought every instrument they had. In addition to the standard drums, bass, guitars and keyboards, they produced flute and trumpet. And they switched up instruments between band members throughout the show. Thankfully, they have their switch-overs down to a fine art.
Hue put on a fun live show with lots of dancy fun tunes and even a hint of alt-country in some of the harmonies. They're a super-talented and fun band that I'd certainly see again.
Check out some tunes. Their album Starting Fires is available now.


"The Bump"

"Colours / You / Wood"