March 2, 2014

The C'mons celebrate release of new EP Places

On Friday, February 28 a huge crowd braved the frigid temperatures to head out to the Tattoo Rock Parlour on Queen West to celebrate the release of The C'mons new EP Places.
Their bio proclaims The C'mons to be, "...a violin-infused indie-rock band with a sound that will rip out your heart while you tap your toes." That pretty much sums them up. The songs are amazing - passionate and emotive with barely contained energy and broad dynamic range. They put on a polished and honest performance with great pacing and presence.
The band consists of Steph Bosch, lead singer and guitarist, backup vocalist and bassist Jamie McDowell, violinist and keyboardist Roslyn Green, guitarist Scott Hanenberg, and drummer Cory Snider. Together they make a wonderful noise that comes across magically on their recorded material and live.
I caught them when I attended Indie Week and loved what I heard. I've really got to make a more concerted effort to get out to the various festivals and showcases around town. There's a lot of talent in this town just waiting to be uncovered. I've said it before and I'll certainly say it again - anyone who says there's no good music coming out these day just isn't looking.
They brought a special guest (whose name I missed) up on stage for their rollicking cover of Outkast's "Ms Jackson".
Check out some of The C'mons brilliant music:

Show opener "Set a Fire"

"Better & Kind"

"Only Ghost"

"Paper Walls"


Set closer "Go Go Go"

My advice: buy their EP and keep an eye out for their next gigs. You won't regret it.