March 12, 2014

The Pack A.D. bring Vancouver crunch to The Horseshoe

You can't have a rock band without a drummer. And you can't have a rock band without a guitarist. But a bass player? More and more the answer seems to be no, you don't need a bass player.
The Pack A.D. from Vancouver rolled into Toronto's The Horseshoe on Saturday March 8 to melt faces. They played a great set, including a Cramps cover and an encore of Split Enz' "I Got You".

I suggest you look at the photos I took and listen to the songs below and either pretend you were there to take in the rock first hand or relive the experience.

Here's a gaggle of tunes they played:

"Deer" from 2010's We Kill Computers,

"Haunt You" from 2011's Unpersons,

"Positronic" from Unpersons,

"Big Shot" from their new release Do Not Engage,

"Cobra Matte" from We Kill Computers,

"Battering Ram" from Do Not Engage,

Set closer, the amazing, "Sirens" from Unpersons.