August 20, 2014

TURF Day 3: Band 3: Gogol Bordello

I'd like to hear someone accuse Gogol Bordello phoning it in. I wouldn't believe it after seeing them this one time. This band has enough energy to light Toronto for a month. In a heatwave. This gypsy punk mash-up of a band came to TURF Day 3 to get everyone bouncing. Mission accomplished.
In case you were worried about getting to much sun and not enough cooling refreshment, Gogol Bordello also brought wine and offered it to the crowd, straight from the bottle. In spurts. I ended up getting between the wine bottle and the crowd at one point and ended up with a gypsy baptism of sorts. Good thing that lens is weathersealed.
If you're in the mood for crazy high-energy vodka-chugging party music, there's nothing better than Gogol Bordello. And judging from the dust cloud that rose from above the crowd near the stage, lots of people were in the mood.
Gogol Bordello delivered an amazingly high-powered setlist. Here are some highlights:

"We Rise Again" was a powerful opener

"Wonderlust King"

"My Companjera"

"Trans-Continental Hustle"

"Immigraniada (We Comin' Rougher)"


"Start Wearing Purple"

"Pala Tute"

And they closed it all out with "Ultimate"