February 6, 2015

Classic Canadian Alternative: hHead

hHead was a Canadian alternative band in the grunge vein. They wrote powerful tunes about disenfranchised youth and played energetic shows. I got to see them a few times back in the day. The mosh pits were legendary and I remember a particular Doc Marten to the head at the Rivoli. Good times!

Singer/guitarist Noah Mintz has made quite a name for himself as a mastering engineer, and bassist Brendan Canning is a founder of that legendary Canadian indie collective Broken Social Scene. hHead released three albums, 1992's Fireman, 1994's Jerk and 1996's Ozzy.

"Collide" from Fireman

"Flower" from Fireman

"Answers" from Jerk

"Happy" from Jerk

Pic from last.fm.