February 2, 2015

New Death Cab for Cutie

Late last year, Death Cab for Cutie announced that the band was performing their last shows with Chris Walla and that their March 31 release Kintsugi would be their first without Walla as producer. I was lucky enough to catch the band's set at Riotfest Toronto, which was one of Walla's last shows with DCfC.

The band has given us a taste of the new album in the form of "Black Sun". Long time fans of the band are going to find lots to like in this tune. Ben Gibbard's distinctive voice brands every DCfC tune, and this song has strong melodies and hooks that are a great bridge to the new period that the band is embarking on. And Chris Walla did play on every song on Kintsugi. so his stamp on the band is still there.