June 6, 2015

Catherine Wheel - Happy Days is 20

Twenty years. That's a long time. And twenty years ago today, we got an amazingly solid album from Catherine Wheel called Happy Days. I say amazingly solid because it contains so many great songs. It's a treat from front-to-back.

Saw these guys on tour back then and got my first (and only?) backstage pass. Cool night. I would certainly love more music from either Catherine Wheel or singer Rob Dickinson.

Take a journey back to those hard rockin' days with some of the stand-out tracks on an album of stand-out tracks. Some of their fans may not have liked the shift from a more shoegaze sound to a more American alternative sound, but I liked it.

"God Inside My Head"

The big single, "Waydown"

"Little Muscle"

"Empty Head"


"Judy Staring at the Sun" with backing vocals from Tanya Donelly. On the album version, all verses are sung by Rob.

"Fizzy Love"