June 16, 2015

New Frank Turner song The Next Storm and Positive Songs For Negative People album details

I already mentioned Frank Turner's fantastic new tune "Get Better" from the forthcoming album Positive Songs For Negative People. Now we get to hear a cool powerhouse anthem called "The Next Storm" which will be the first single. I can share the news that the new album comes out August 7 and if you pre-order, you can get these two tunes now.

Frank says of the new album, "It's a record about survival, defiance, about picking yourself up when you're down, and the title reflects that. It came from a late night drunk conversation with an old friend, I was trying to explain what I do for a living, and, well, it just came out like that."

Sounds about right.

And go see Frank and his band live. They are incredible.

1. The Angel Islington
2. Get Better
3. The Next Storm
4. The Opening Act Of Spring
5. Glorious You
6. Mittens
7. Out Of Breath
8. Demons
9. Josephine
10. Love Forty Down
11. Silent Key
12. Song For Josh

Deluxe Bonus Acoustic Album
1. Get Better (Acoustic)
2. The Next Storm (Acoustic)
3. The Opening Act Of Spring (Acoustic)
4. Glorious You (Acoustic)
5. Mittens (Acoustic)
6. Out Of Breath (Acoustic)
7. Demons (Acoustic)
8. Josephine (Acoustic)
9. Love Forty Down (Acoustic)
10. Silent Key (Acoustic)