July 5, 2013

Arts & Crafts' 10th Anniversary: 10 bands - 10 years

Arts & Crafts, an awesome Canadian indie label, recently celebrated their tenth anniversary. To honour them, here are 10 songs from 10 bands who were, or still are, on Arts & Crafts.

Broken Social Scene with "Almost Crimes" from their 2003 release You Forgot It In People.

Feist with "Mushaboom" from 2006's Open Season.

Dan Mangan with "Road Regrets" from 2009's Nice, Nice, Very Nice.

Chikita Violenta with "Tired" from their 2011 release TRE3S.

Los Campesinos amazing tune "You! Me! Dancing!" appeared on their 2007 EP Sticking Fingers Into Sockets and their 2008 album Hold On Now, Youngster.

Zeus with "Are You Gonna Waste My Time?" from 2012's Busting Visions.

Cold Specks with "Winter Solstice" from her 2012 release I Predict A Graceful Expulsion.

Stars are Arts & Crafts alumni. Here's "Elevator Love Letter" from 2003's Heart.

Phoenix used to be on Arts & Crafts. This is "Consolidation Prizes" from back in 2006 and the album It's Never Been Like That.

Alum Young Galaxy from their 2007 eponymous début with "Outside the City".

This is just some of the beauty that Arts & Crafts has helped share with the world. Visit their site and their bands' sites to check out more.

Thanks for all the great music, Arts & Crafts!