July 23, 2013

Lots of great stuff from J. Mascis / Dinosaur Jr.

I think it's really cool that J. Mascis/Dinosaur Jr. gets tons of respect. I think he's a great singer, song writer and guitarist and I've been enjoying his heavy music with a pop sensibility, as well as his face melting guitar playing, since the late 80s.

Here's the latest tune from Dinosaur Jr. It's an acoustic cover of the classic Mazzy Star tune "Fade into Me". Beautiful. It comes with Keep's official Dinosaur Jr. shoe, if you're into that sort of thing.

J. Mascis has also teamed up with Skullcandy headphones and you can get a couple of great tunes through the link over on Stereogum. Here's "The Only Other Way".

This clip that shows how Dinosaur Jr can take you away. Kinda like Calgon. Only different. And louder. It's for the song "Pierce The Morning Rain" from 2012's I Bet On Sky.

There are a bunch of cool fan videos over at Stereogum of J. Mascis with legendary folks like Johnny Marr, Kim Gordon, Lee Ranaldo, Frank Black, Kevin Drew, Tommy Stinson, and Fred Armisen. Tunes include "The Boy with the Thorn in His Side" with Johnny Marr (of course) and "The Wagon" with Kevin Drew, who you know is a big J. Mascis fan since the tune "Backed Out On The..." from his 2007 solo album Spirit If... featured J. and since the BSS tune "Cause=Time" sounds like it could be a Dinosaur Jr. track.