July 13, 2013

Five by Five: from pop to alternative

In 2004, Jem put out an album called Finally Woken. That's exactly how it felt to listen to these perfectly formed pop songs, with the icing of Jem's vocals on top. Check out "24".

It was back in 2006 when I first heard The SoundsDying To Say This To You is an incredibly strong pop album. One that they probably can't be faulted for not being able to top. This tune is "Tony the Beat". It's only the beginning.

I've never posted this old favourite from The Shins. It's "Kissing the Lipless" from 2003's Chutes Too Narrow.

Let's go back to the 90's. 1993 to be exact. Belly featured Tanya Donelly and Fred Abong of Throwing Muses. Their début album Star was packed with great tunes. "Feed the Tree" was the most popular.

I've posted songs by The Posies before, but never this one. It's "Definite Door" from one of the best albums of all time, in my humble opinion, Frosting on the Beater.