July 21, 2014

TURF Day 1: Band 2: Lucius

Lucius were the second band I saw on the South Stage at the second annual TURF festival. They hail from Brooklyn, New York, a place whose beauty I just discovered on vacation last week. I have to spend more time there in future.
The bright and fun sounds this band produce match their yellow dresses perfectly. To easy? Maybe so. Their beautiful harmonies and danceable tunes were a perfect match to the sunny day. Again, too easy? I think that everyone attending TURF this year were all just happy about the sunny weather and weekend forecast after last year's near washout. Wimp that I am, I only attended the one sunny day last year.
Lucius bring a lot of energy to their live show. The band are as entertaining to watch as they are to listen to. The rhythmic elements are strong with almost everyone getting in on the percussion. Overall, Lucius are a very fun live band and one that will certainly be expanding my music library.
Check out some of Lucius' lovely music:

"Turn it Around"

"Nothing Ordinary" from KEXP

"Don't Just Sit There"


"Go Home"