July 6, 2014

Video for Brody Dalle's Don't Mess With Me

Back in May, Canadian Music Week was in town. Brody Dalle was one of the legendary artists who was playing a room much smaller than their status and it presented a great opportunity for fans to check them out live. Too bad only a few wristband holders were able to get in.

At the time of the show, I didn't want to risk my good photo gear with what I knew would be a crazy pit situation. I took some snaps with my iPhone but thought that they weren't worthy of the site.

After getting over myself a bit, and posting iPhone pics for Field Trip, and with the news that Brody has done an official video for "Don't Mess with Me" from her first album under her own name Diploid Love, I thought I'd clean up the shots a bit and post a couple to accompany this post.
So, long story even longer, here are the pics, and the new clip. And if you get the chance, see Brody Dalle live. The energy is insane.

And just because it's such an amazing song, here's "Ghetto Love" from Spinnerette's self-titled album.