July 29, 2014

TURF Day 2: Band 3: Shovels & Rope

Charleston, South Carolina's Shovels & Rope are a revelation. They have passion, great on-stage chemistry and cool tunes. They demonstrated, to anyone in attendance at TURF Day 2 who didn't already know, exactly why they generate so much buzz.

On the surface they're not the kind of music I gravitate towards. I don't usually like twang. But that's why festivals like TURF are so special. They bring in a variety of acts that appeal to a wide audience and in so doing they introduce other bands to those same folks. I'm certainly glad that I was turned on to this duo's charms.
Shovels & Rope switched up guitar, drums and vocals throughout their set. I loved it when the guitar tones got dirty. They even treated us to some new tunes that sounded cool.  Their new album Swimmin' Time comes out August 26. Check out "The Devil Is All Around" below.
If you're looking for a chance to check them out, they are embarking on a tour. They're back in Toronto on September 30 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. Should be awesome!

And here are a handful of cool Shovels & Rope tunes:

"O' Be Joyful"




"The Devil Is All Around"

"Hail Hail"