July 25, 2014

TURF Day 1: Band 6: Black Joe Lewis

I ended off the first day of TURF where I began - at the South Stage. Now, with the sun down, I checked out Austin's Black Joe Lewis and his band. What a perfect way to end the day. Up-beat, soulful tunes with one of my favourite things - a horn section.
I had been hearing about Black Joe Lewis for a few years now and had been really looking forward to their show. It did not disappoint. It's got the core elements of classic soul a la James Brown with gritty guitars and down to earth themes. An amazingly fun time. Those horns! That voice! That groove!
Check out some tunes!


"Booty City"

"Come To My Party"



"Mama's Queen"

"Mustang Ranch"

"Livin' In The Jungle"

"I'm Broke"