September 30, 2014

Northcote at Sound Academy

I think I first heard of Northcote during 2013's inaugural TURF. I picked up his 2009 release Borrowed Chords, Tired Eyes and I got to see Northcote at Sound Academy opening up for Against Me and Gaslight Anthem on September 19.

Northcote is Matt Goud, originally from Saskatchewan and now based in Victoria. He writes and performs songs full of passion, conviction and soul. If you get the chance to see Northcote live, you owe it to yourself to do so.
Northcote proved to be an amazing solo opener for such a hard and heavy show. The first thing you notice about Matt, besides his imposing appearance, are the passion in his voice and the great songs. He is a rare talent that can draw an audience in right from the first listen.
It takes tons of guts to get up on stage, period. Getting up solo with only a guitar is even harder. And to do so as the first act in a cavernous venue with fans ready for a heavy show filing in, grabbing a drink and chatting is just beyond. But Northcote owned it.

Here are some tunes for your listening pleasure:

"How Can You Turn Around"

"Wild Card"

"Worry" I love the lyric I don't know where we're going but I like where we are

"When You Cry"

"Only One Who Knows My Name"

Northcote is opening for Twin Forks at Lee's on November 7. I saw Twin Forks at TURF and this show by Northcote so I know that night at Lee's is going to be amazing!