September 22, 2014

Indie 88 First Birthday: Darcys

On September 13, local Toronto radio station Indie 88.1 celebrated a year on the air with a birthday party at The Opera House. The on-air personalities were there along with a big baby, cupcakes, the obligatory singing of "Happy Birthday" and loot bags at the end.
Three amazing Canadian artists graced the stage that night: Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, The Darcys and Lowell. This post is on The Darcys' gripping performance.
I'll admit that The Darcys took a while to grow on me. But much of the most rewarding music is like that; it takes time for the beautiful intricacies to reveal themselves. Their dark energy, layered instrumentation and harmonized vocals provide something unique.
I saw The Darcys for the first time at Field Trip back in June, and I said at the time that I would see them again as soon as the opportunity arose. This show was that opportunity and it was a very cool performance. The band sounded great and put on a great show for all in attendance. And this time I got to photograph them.
I'll admit that I didn't do a great job of taking note of what tunes they played, so here's a bunch of great Darcys music, some of which I'm sure they played at the gig. What else can I say about this talented and dynamic band? They're one of my favourites.


"The Pacific Theatre"

"Horses Fell"

"Itchy Blood"

"Muzzle Blast"

"The River"


"Don't Bleed Me"

"Ultra Violet" [Warring Bonus Track]

Now, I know that they didn't play this tune, but I loved the original and I love what The Darcys did with this classic tune and the rest of Aja. So unique and brave. "Josie" originally by Steely Dan.