September 19, 2014

Riot Fest 2014 Day 1 Band 5: Manchester Orchestra

Manchester Orchestra was next up on the Rock stage. It was at this stage that us photographers got our first warning from security to watch for incoming crowd surfers. One guy who had come over the barrier was enthusiastic about getting back into the crowd and ran right into me. No worries. That's rock and roll.
The band is from Atlanta, Georgia and they have four full-length albums to draw from. Based on what I found on the web, they focused on their 2009 release and the new album, Cope. I enjoyed their set and their extremely thick and heavy sound. Great set!
"Pride" from 2009's Mean Everything To Nothing

"Shake It Out" from Mean Everything To Nothing

"I've Got Friends" from Mean Everything To Nothing

"Everything To Nothing" from Mean Everything To Nothing

"Cope" from their latest release Cope Live on Letterman

"Top Notch" from Cope