September 24, 2014

Indie 88 First Birthday: Dan Mangan + Blacksmith

On September 13, local Toronto radio station Indie 88.1 celebrated a year on the air with a birthday party at The Opera House. The on-air personalities were there along with a big baby, cupcakes, the obligatory singing of "Happy Birthday" and loot bags at the end.

Three amazing Canadian artists graced the stage that night: Dan Mangan + Blacksmith, The Darcys and Lowell. This post is on Dan Mangan + Blacksmith's performance.
Dan Mangan has been part of my music library for years, starting with his 2009 release Nice, Nice, Very Nice. This was my first time catching him live. It was a fun show with everyone in the band, especially the guitar player, putting on an energetic performance. I had to wait until the encore for my personal fave "Road Regrets". I guess that's what they call saving the best for last.
Once again, I didn't do a good job of keeping track of what the band played. Here are some great Dan Mangan tunes for your listening pleasure:


"Oh Fortune"


"About As Helpful As You Can Be Without Being Any Help At All"

"Road Regrets"


"Rows of Houses"

"Post-War Blues"