May 16, 2015

Ivan & Alyosha

Ivan & Alyosha are a band named for two characters in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov. They got started in 2007 in Seattle when Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary started writing together. Tim's brother Pete Wilson, Tim Kim and Cole Mauro filled out the group into the indie-folk band that they are today. I recently discovered them and am looking forward to their show here in Toronto on Thursday, May 21 at The Silver Dollar with San Marina and Kris Orlowski. Hopefully, I'll be there and have some pics to post soon after.

Their latest album It's All Just Pretend came out on May 4 and their previous full-length album All the Times We Had came out in 2013. Take a moment to check out their tunes:

"All This Wandering Around"

"The Fold"

"Be Your Man"

"Running for Cover"

Pic from Facebook by Veronica Coleman.