July 20, 2016

All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies at Fort York - Concert Pictures

Last Sunday I attended Toronto’s first All Day I Dream. This hazy daytime festival featured techno and house music played by its founders Lee Burridge and his partner Matthew Dekay who started the festival in Brooklyn back in 2011 to bring summery vibes to people around the world.

This festival is modest and understated and that’s what this crowd seemed to like. For the stage there was a fairly basic but pretty construction that spread out to the crowd that made them feel more involved in partying. About every thirty minutes I could hear people cheering at the DJs after some rad drops. All Day I Dream also had a painter that was working on a piece throughout the day and there was a place where you could get braids or your face painted. The overall atmosphere was very relaxed.

Can’t go wrong with techno vibes at Fort York on a sunny day. I hope this festival comes back next year!

Photographs and review by Roy Cohen. Click over to Facebook for a gallery of all of Roy's shots.
All Day I Dream of Toronto Skies at Fort York July 17, 2016 Photo by Roy Cohen for One In Ten Words