January 24, 2016

Five years ago: Funeral Party The Golden Age Of Knowhere

Funeral Party's The Golden Age of Knowhere came out five years ago today. Like The Joy Formidable's The Big Roar which I celebrated earlier today, this is another really solid album from five years ago that I don't want to wait another five to celebrate.

This band has so much energy wrapped up in it's unique take on high strung guitar rock. I love it. The amazing mix of frantic yet groovy and danceable drumming along with hooky guitar riffs and agonized, straining yet enjoyable vocals is awesome.

Not really sure what these guys are up to these days, but I'd definitely be up for hearing some more tunes and seeing them live

"New York City Moves To The Sound Of LA"

"Car Wars"


"Postcards Of Persuasion"

"Giant Song"

"City In Silhouettes"

"Golden Age Of Knowhere"

Pic from Amazon.