April 13, 2016

Thirty-five years ago: Billy Squier Don't Say No

American rocker Billy Squier's second album Don't Say No came out thirty-five years ago today. It's got a classic guitar-rock sound and some very catchy singles. Maybe I'm dating myself by stating this, but in my humble opinion, a notable thing is that the sound of this album has not become dated. Squier utilized the classic hard rock elements of guitar, bass, keys, drums and vocals in a way that was unique enough to garner him hits and his own recognizable sound, without veering off into production territories that can hinder albums from lasting well.

Here are my favourite tunes from this well-worn classic:

"In The Dark"

"The Stroke"

"My Kinda Lover"

"Lonely Is The Night"

"Don't Say No"

Pic from Amazon.