April 29, 2016

Thirty-five years ago: Van Halen Fair Warning

Thirty five years ago today Van Halen released their fourth studio album, Fair Warning. It's one of my favourites with a darker production quality and some of my all-time favourite Van Halen tracks like "So This Is Love?", "Sinner's Swing!" and "Unchained". The guitar playing is immaculate and incendiary, while the songs rock hard in classic Van Halen fashion. So glad that I was able to catch the band with DLR at the mic back in the day.

Check out my favourite tunes from this album. I picked out some live clips to remember that live vibe and put in links to the isolated guitar tracks if you're into that. For the full studio album, click over here.

"Mean Street" isolated guitar

"Sinner's Swing!"

"Hear About It Later" isolated guitar

"Unchained" isolated guitar

"So This Is Love?" isolated guitar

Pic from The Mighty Van Halen.