April 29, 2016

New music from July Talk: Push + Pull

July Talk are easily one of the best bands playing today. Their live energy and chemistry is second to none and their music has that special blend of rock and groove with grit and attitude. Their instant classic début album has been out since 2012 and the addition of three new songs on the For Your Bloodshot Eyes EP did little to quench fans insatiable thirst for a full-length dose of July Talk magic.

Well, yesterday we got a 30 second tease (they're so good at the tease) and today we get the full climax of a new July Talk song. It's called "Push + Pull" and it's streaming now. I hope you've already pressed play below and you've gotten the funky beat and hook-laden structure of this fantastic new song. It sounds amazing and will be a relentless stomper coming off the stage. I'll be waiting for it at Field Trip on June 4. Now that we've got this hit, we're all going to switch our hunger towards the rest of the full album that's got to be coming, and the thought of catching the band live.