April 17, 2016

Ten years ago: The Zutons Tired of Hanging Around

Ten years ago, Liverpudlian indie rock band The Zutons released a remarkable album called Tired of Hanging Around. The album features the band's fantastic songwriting and musicianship with high energy delivery, excellent use of dynamics and song structures, with up-front guitars and great harmonies.

My favourite tunes are the title track and "Valerie", which went on to be covered by Mark Ronson with Amy Winehouse, plus "It's The Little Things We Do", "Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?", "Hello Conscience" and "I Know I'll Never Leave".

The title track, "Tired of Hanging Around"

"It's The Little Things We Do"


"Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?"

"Hello Conscience"

"I Know I'll Never Leave"

Pic from last.fm.