November 20, 2015

TURF 2015 Day 2 - Rich Aucoin on the South Stage - Concert Pictures

Rich Aucoin on the South Stage Fort York Garrison Common September 19, 2015 TURF Toronto Urban Roots Festival Photo by John at One In Ten Words toronto indie alternative music blog concert photography pictures
I don't know if I can really be fair to Rich Aucoin. I had heard that his performances are unique and not to be missed so I made my way to the South Stage at The Toronto Urban Roots Festival to check it out. He was very late. He took a very long time getting the stage set up and his set under way. This left very little time for me to check out his show before I had to set out to see Cake.

What notes did I make about his performance? "Lighting? What lighting?" Yup. That's it. Now, don't get me wrong. An artist is under no obligation to make my job as photographer an easy one. An artist is there to perform their art in any way they see fit and I'm there to capture it to the best of my abilities. But Rich certainly didn't make my job easy. And his lateness meant I only caught a short bit of his show. Oh well, maybe next time.

In any event, hope you enjoy the picture, and take a listen to some of his tunes from his setlist.

"Meaning in Life"


"Let It Go"

"Want to Believe"

"Are You Experiencing?"