July 4, 2015

Foo Fighters' Foo Fighters is 20

It was 20 years ago today that the début, self-titled album by Foo Fighters was released. It was recorded solo by Dave Grohl on every instrument and vocal except for one guitar part on one song. I didn't even know that Foo Fighters was Dave Grohl's band / project when I first heard "I'll Stick Around" and decided to buy this album.

Foo Fighters is full of well-written, memorable tunes that expose and foretell the powerhouse musician and songwriter that Dave Grohl would become. It's a fantastic album that still gets heavy play in my library.

I hope Dave's leg is on the mend! Get well and recover so you can continue to rock out!

Here are my favourite tunes from this amazing début.

"This Is A Call"

"I'll Stick Around"

"Big Me"

"Alone + Easy Target"

"For All The Cows"

Pic from Amazon.