May 31, 2016

New music from Bloody Diamonds: Tough Love from Tough Love EP

I first caught Toronto-based dark rock band Bloody Diamonds live show back in late 2014. I really wanted to see them again since then, but the stars have not aligned.

There is good news. They've got a new EP called Tough Love coming out June 7 and they've just released the video for the title track. It's a dark, raw, pounding and soaring tune that sounds great coming out of my speakers and will no doubt sound amazing live. The rest of the 5-song EP sounds incredible, powerful and intoxicating, and I can't wait to see the band perform again.

Speaking of live shows, they've got an EP release party on June 4 at The Bovine Sex Club and more shows listed here. Just because I sadly can't be there to point my camera at them, doesn't mean you can't go and check out this awesome band.

Photo by Laura Hilchey.