February 24, 2016

Five years ago: Lykke Li Wounded Rhymes

Lykki Li is one of those artists who have something magical within them. The songs she writes and how she delivers them are startlingly unique, yet accessible, emotional and likeable. Her second album Wounded Rhymes came out five years ago today.

These are my favourite songs from this amazingly special album. I love the melodies, the flow of the songs and the way Li delivers them. I especially the live delivery of several of these songs as captured on Austin City Limits, which I've embedded below. Lykke Li holds another entry on the list of artists that I really, really want to see in concert. Last time she was in Toronto, it was the same night as another show.

"Youth Knows No Pain"

"I Follow Rivers"

"Love Out of Lust"

"Get Some"

"Rich Kids Blues"

"Sadness Is a Blessing"


Pic from Amazon.