February 20, 2016

New music from Wintersleep: Territory with Geddy Lee of Rush on bass

Wintersleep have a new album called The Great Detachment coming out March 4. They've treated us to two album tracks in the form of "Amerika" and "Santa Fe". Now they let us hear a tune called "Territory" that comes with a great Canadian classic rock story.

"We were having a lot of trouble with the bass line we had for this song. It was cool but the song didn't feel as lively as it should in the end. Someone was like, "What would Geddy Lee do?" jokingly, and Tony was like, "Oh, the best bass player in the world? He'd make it incredible. Why don't we just ask him?"

"So we did!" said Paul Murphy. "Geddy's part was perfect because it had this great groove and locked into to the vocal melody in the song from time to time, bringing more weight the melody in important spots. It added a certain playful dimension to the equation because it's so dynamic."

"Wintersleep contacted me a while ago and asked me to play bass on this track, I had a listen and loved the song and the vibe of the band," said Geddy Lee. "I had a blast laying down a bunch of takes and am happy to support a fellow Canadian band."

Check out the new tunes. I'm really looking forward to the new album and the chance to see this band live again.