February 8, 2016

New Frank Turner: Mittens from Mittens EP

So I guess Frank Turner wasn't satisfied with putting out the great Positive Songs for Negative People last year, which featured prominently on my favourite songs and favourite albums lists, so he's planning to unleash a new, 5-song EP called Mittens on us March 4. The video below features Frank as a skinny, bearded Elvis impersonator, singing the title track.

And head on over to his purpose-built website at ignoredlovesongs.frank-turner.com to send a personalized postcard to someone special.

I'm looking forward to Frank's sold out March 11 show at Toronto's Danforth Music Hall very much, due to the fact that Frank's an awesome performer, and the fact that I had to miss his Horseshoe show last March due to illness.

Pic from Facebook.