February 10, 2016

New music from Brian Fallon

The Gaslight Anthem are on hiatus at the moment, which gives singer Brian Fallon the opportunity to stretch himself out musically with some solo material. His first solo album is called Painkillers and it comes out on March 11.

Check out three great songs below. The first one, "Smoke", gets points from me for mentioning my home town with the lyric, "And I lost my mind in the middle of Toronto..."

Brian's touring and his Toronto show March 13 at The Opera House is sold out. That happens to be the very venue where I first saw Gaslight Anthem perform. Still somehow hoping someone will let me in.


"A Wonderful Life"

"Nobody Wins" - I love the lyric "I lost most of myself pleasing everyone". I certainly feel like that sometimes.

Pic from Facebook.