February 15, 2016

Five years ago: Yuck's eponymous début

Five years ago today, London's Yuck released their eponymous début album. It crossed up grunge and power pop in all the best ways. On my favourite tunes. the guitars were dirty as hell, but they unleashed massive hooks. The vocals expressed angst with melody. The songs were massively well-crafted, high-energy pop songs. Along with many of the band's influences, Yuck's music is the kind of music I like best.

I didn't catch their live show until after the departure of Daniel Blumberg and their next album, Glow & Behold, was released. That was when they played Toronto's Garrison in the winter of 2014. They're back on tour in a couple of weeks and are hitting up Toronto's Silver Dollar Room on April 9. Their new album Stranger Things comes out February 26 and you can hear some of those great songs here and here and here.

Here are my favourite tune's from Yuck's Yuck.

"Get Away"

"The Wall"

"Holing Out"



Pic from Wikipedia.