September 20, 2016

New video from July Talk: Beck + Call from Touch

July Talk is easily one of my favourite bands and, in my humble opinion, one of the best live acts playing anywhere today. At long last, they released their second album, Touch. It's a darker and harder edged album overall, but equally engaging, and I know it's going to grow and grow.

They initially released a video for "Push + Pull" and they've now released a video for "Beck + Call" (feat. Tanya Tagaq).  The song and video are perfectly matched and invoke words like intense, hypnotic, confrontational, voyeuristic and tender. That's quite a feat.

Discussing the video, Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay said, “we set out to create a movement piece that explored the song’s themes regarding the common unbalance of power dynamics in modern relationships.” They continued, “the main thesis in the song culminates when we scream, ‘blind love in dark bedrooms, find love within confusion.’ We hope the video illustrates the frustration born out of existing underneath your lover's thumb.”

Check out the clip below in it's monochrome beauty. And see the band live on tour. They're incredible.