June 1, 2016

Line-up for Camp Wavelength announced: Cloud Nothings, Operators, Young Galaxy, Odonis Odonis, Bart, Casper Skulls, For Esmé, and much much more

Camp Wavelength has just announced the first round of acts for this year's festival. It will be taking place on Toronto Island from August 19-21. The Wavelength team is continuing to embrace their DIY spirit and focus on local, sustainable, and community-run culture. I attended their Wavelength Festival in February and it was a very cool event with a ton of great artists.

This summer's festival includes musical acts Cloud Nothings, Operators, Young Galaxy, Odonis Odonis, Jef E. Barbara's Black Space, Guerilla Toss, LAL, Bruce Peninsula, Moss Lime, Brendan Philip, Spek Won, Bart, Casper Skulls, Michelle McAdorey, For Esmé, and Wolf Saga, PLUS: Dance Dance Party Puppets by Andrew Lamb, In Synch (synchronized swimming), Zoo Owl (forest performance/installation), Open Fortress (dance interventions), Cassandra Witteman: Atlantis (beach performance), Live painting by Mairen Doyle, Geocaching by Kathryn Farewell, DIY video games by Mattendo, Literary readings hosted by Brad Casey, Posi Space hangouts with Posi Vibez, Vintage clothing stall by The Outpost, Virtual reality demo & FIVARS 2016 preview with VRTO, and interactive art installations by: Versa, Franziska Beeler, Melissa Goldstein, and Basement Studio Project.

Very limited Camping, Festival & VIP Room Passes are now available online only at TicketFly.com. For the first time ever, festival-goers also have the opportunity to purchase a VIP Room Pass to stay in a private room on the festival site, inside the comfort of the Artscape Gibraltar Point artist retreat centre.

And here's a sampling of tunes from a few of the musical artists at this summer's Camp Wavelength:

Cloud Nothings


Young Galaxy

Odonis Odonis

Bruce Peninsula

Spek Won


Casper Skulls

Michelle McAdorey

For Esmé