June 27, 2016

New video for Lisbon from Wolf Alice and My Love Is Cool vinyl box set announced

One of my favourite bands, and one that I got to see, hear and photograph three times last year, Wolf Alice, have announced that they're celebrating the one year anniversary of the release of their debut album My Love Is Cool with a vinyl box set edition of the album including their EPs and a bunch of bonus material. They've also released a video for powerhouse album track "Lisbon".

The My Love Is Cool box set comes out August 19 and features:

Super deluxe album includes the below and is presented in a 12” lift off lid box.

  • Gatefold double 12” album pressed on black heavyweight vinyl with album download code included
  • Creature Songs EP 10”
  • Blush EP 10"
  • 10 track CD of demos, B-sides & rarities
  • Hardback Wolf Alice photo book with 40 pages of rare and previously unseen photos
  • Photo Booth strip of Wolf Alice photos used in My Love Is Cool album artwork


My Love Is Cool

  1. Turn To Dust
  2. Bros
  3. Your Loves Whore
  4. You’re A Germ
  5. Lisbon
  6. Silk
  7. Freazy
  8. Giant Peach
  9. Swallowtail
  10. Soapy Water
  11. Fluffy
  12. The Wonderwhy

Creature Songs

  1. Moaning Lisa Smile
  2. Storms
  3. Heavenly Creatures
  4. We’re Not The Same


  1. Blush
  2. She
  3. Nosedive
  4. 90 Mile Beach

B-sides, demos & shit

  1. Movie of Your Life (demo)
  2. Destroy Me (demo)
  3. Wednesday (demo)
  4. Bros (demo)
  5. Every Cloud
  6. White Leather
  7. Leaving You
  8. I Saw You (In A Corridor)
  9. Baby Ain’t Made of China
  10. Swallowtail (demo)